The Best Hair-Removal Method for Your Sex Life

Bikini season is still a few months away, but you have sex year-round (at least we hope so!). What’s the best way to groom your hair down there? We’ll stop beating around the bush: Here’s what you should keep in mind when it comes to pubic hair removal—straight from the specialists.


The result: Depending upon the person, waxing can last five to six weeks, making this a pretty great pick for your sex life.


The result: Shaving is just a temporary fix. Since you’re only cutting the hair at skin-level, it’s not going to last very long. You can expect to see hair again in a few days—so if you’re hopping into bed with a guy, keep that in mind.

Laser Therapy

The result: This one requires a major time commitment. Expect to go in for about six to eight sessions, spaced every six to eight weeks apart. That being said, results are pretty much permanent, although touch-ups may be needed once or twice a year. Find out the best skin laser therapy centres in Kerala

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